Monday, 30 July 2007


Inspiration can't be forced, and since most of mine is directed toward home improvement these days, I'm kind of at a loss for words. I'll let the Icelandican do the honors via her blog. She's a talented fourteen year old writer who's posting a chapter (or more!) a week of her story-in-progress, and who's not afraid of a little decent critique to nudge the efforts along. Pop on over and give her a hello...just be sure to find chapter one before you dig into six because she's building up stacks of suspense that you wouldn't want to miss.

And for visuals, here's a slightly different shot of Hallgrímskirkja than the ones we're all so very used to (with all due respect to moddular, who's photo I've used as an example...)

Keep it real.

Sunday, 22 July 2007


Happy Birthday to my Valentína! Today she is 10 years old, double digits for the first time. She is the most positive, diligent, humorous and caring person I know and I am blessed to have her in my life.

I took this shot of her at Tivoli in Copenhagen on our trip this spring. It was her dream for the two of us to go together for over four years, and we had an absolute blast! Today she's at a family reunion with her father, so I'll miss her on her big day, but it's to my absolute joy that I get to spend another excellent year with her when this, her most recent adventure, comes to a close.

Big kisses! Love, Mamma.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Congratulations to Esther and Joi on their Saturday wedding!

This pic is not from the wedding but from their stag/bachelorette party (the two groups merged at a very nice summer house for bbq, bolla and bonfire as the days separate activities wound down.) We had a fantastic time round the blazing bál of love that night, and an even better time at their very glamourous and romantic recent nuptials. They are just out of frame in this shot, but when I get my paws on an official wedding photo, it'll be up for sure.

Once again, love and kisses to the newlyweds and a warm thanks for a wonderful and memorable event!

Monday, 9 July 2007

Flora and Fauna

Here is our Óðinn reorganizing things at the world's most northerly Botanical Garden, in Akureyri (the garden is located just to the right of the 600 on thismap.) The garden is especially beautiful and highly recommended to everyone traveling to Iceland's lovely northern city.

I received an email from a University of Washington student who is coming here for a two month internship and who is having trouble finding lodgings. She will be arriving next week and has asked if I can help her out in any way. Do any of my local readers know of a room or apartment available for rent? If so, please either leave a comment or email me so we can help her out. Much appreciated...

Oh, and one more thing. Check out this blog. My parent's across the street neighbor is swimming the English Channel as I write (3 p.m. GMT) and this blog is keeping track of his progress with text (in Icelandic, unfortunately) and photos (which speak an international language, thankfully). He's also active in adult gymnastics, and trained for this swim by working out in the Atlantic waters just off of Nautholsvík, shown in previous posts. Go Benni Go!

Monday, 2 July 2007


Here's another shot of our lovely little beach at Nauthólsvík. I'm sure it was packed with beautiful bodies this weekend, as the weather here has been fantastic. I'm always so happy for tourists and other visitors when they get to experience real summer in full bloom on this often stark volcanic island!

My niece Mekkin (who was shown playing with dolphins in an earlier post) is here for the summer, and being fourteen years old is gainfully employed in the unglingavinna program the state provides. Teens (or unglinga) are paid a small but better-than-nothing wage to smarten up the towns and cities by planting annuals and plucking weeds, mowing public lawns and picking trash from park bushes. For most Icelanders it was their first real job, and I'm really proud of Mekkin for choosing to come here from California to improve her Icelandic (she was born here so it's all up there in her head somewhere!), immerse herself in her native culture and show her independence. I used to laugh at the sight of "lazy" teens laying about in parks, pulling weeds at the rate of two or three an hour, but I completely appreciate that nearly all of them choose to take on these jobs as opposed to laying about at home doing nothing for the summer months. When the weather is great like it's been, there's even the added bonus of grabbing a nice tan while they're at it!

This country is undergoing massive growth right now, if all the building and prettification is any sign. Iceland has an overall Can-Do attitude that's manifesting in improvements to infrastructure, the expansion of universities and colleges, an almost overwhelming number of new commercial enterprises and residential neighborhoods, and quite possibly, the application of our natural resources to new and more viable industries. I was wondering the other day if Iceland as a nation has attracted, through our genius blend of historical relevance (we are The Vikings) and size-doesn't-matter arrogance, it's almost incomprehensible prosperity, a la The Secret. The Law of Attraction states that if you believe something to be so, and stay focused on that belief, material reality will manifest that belief. We have always believed ourselves to be special, to be strong, to be survivors and to be creators, and we are. The evidence is manifest and apparent everywhere you look and listen on this best little island in the world.