Friday, 30 May 2008


We've survived a 6.3 shaker here in South Iceland, though one man broke his toe and quite a number of homes in Selfoss are unsafe for the time being. For my parents and I it felt just like the old days: Los Angeles '71, San Francisco '89.

The earth shakes, plans change, paths diverge, goals are reassessed. LIfe in flux.

Sometimes a simple, pretty, peaceful scene is just what we need.

p.s. If you're thinking of moving to California here's a site you should read: Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country

Thursday, 22 May 2008


Downtown, at the corner where the fire was last year, an evokative photo exhibit, Dialogue, has been installed on the temporary walls surrounding the burn site as part of the 2008 Reykjavik Arts Festival. Here men velcro up the nearly thousand images of rural Icelandic children, photographed by artists Anna Leoniak and Fiann Paul.

All those eyes seemingly watching our daily hustle and bustle somehow put things into perspective. I slow as I pass the children by, trying to imagine their names, or their favorite games, wanting to wipe the jam off the corner of a young girl's mouth or straighten that little one's hat. I thought this exhibit wouldn't last long exposed like it is to the (party/reckless) elements of Reykjavik, but it's still tag-free after a week, and intact, a sign that innocence still holds sway.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

10 pm

This shot was taken at the beginning of May. By now the sun sets in the north closer to 11 o'clock, and rises in the east at the literal crack o'dawn, 4 am.

Sunday, 11 May 2008


They're small, but already have the look of voyagers setting out to discover new wealth, new adventures, new lands.

Regarding adventures, download the latest, May-June, issue of Packed Magazine. Be sure to take a look at page 35 for a bit on our friendly little city.

Also, drop by Iceland Says, a new sister site to Iceland Eyes now featuring the writings of Icelandic teens. New posts will be added on a regular basis....

Sunday, 4 May 2008


The beautiful woods of Öskjuhlíð, just a short walk from downtown Reykjavik, are a soothing sight in springtime as sunlight filters through the firs to pool at mossy rocks and hollows. No bunnies were spotted on this trip but they're there in the hundreds, and if you're still and calm for long enough they will appear, as if from nowhere.

Read the latest copy of Vanity Fair, the Green Issue, and especially Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s manifesto with his insights into Iceland. Though maybe a bit optimistic about our independence from foreign energy sources (gas and oil are imported and we'd be crippled without them) the concept of local innovation, which is, I think, his point, is very valid. Be sure to also read this article for a solid cue as to how Iceland can fully live up to the eco-mythos surrounding it while simultaneously maintaining its new role as a global market player.

Turf houses, anyone?