Sunday, 29 June 2008


Like a dream come true, Iceland Eyes has made it to the Big Time: printed and bound in a pretty book called Reykjavík, one of two volumes in the Iceland Cool and Crisp series published by Veröld, with more to come.

All the photos in the book are from this blog, though I created the accompanying text to suit the form and intent of the book: something bright and pretty, informative and creative for travelers to take home with them for a decent price. Their editor, Bjarni Þorsteinsson, did a fantastic job of manifesting into physical form two hard-cover excursions into the visitor's Iceland. Kudos to him!

And I have to thank my parents, Þórir and Ásthildur Roff (Thor and Asta) for prompting me often, especially when they were still out in California, to post another photo, to keep on with the blog. Likewise, the steady stream of compliments and comments from around the world, from strangers who believe in and like what Iceland Eyes has to offer, keep me encouraged and inspired to find those sweet visual moments in the bustle of the busy world. Faithful visitors, you know who you are: Many Many Thanks !!! And to my children Valentína and Óðinn: your patience with me as I post is invaluable. When the urge to write takes over and I shush you as I fall into a spell of words, you give me the time to let it happen, even if it means dinner is late. Love and love and love ~.~

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


There's a vibrant stillness in the warm in here, as usually happens when one beautiful day follows another. It's as if we're taking a long collective breath, enjoying every second of summer weather in the now, moving surely and with joy while the sunshine lasts.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Óðinn and Míó

A snapshot of homelife...

At one very young point in his life, our little Óðinn was smaller than Míó the cat. At that stage Míó sat by and watched over our sleeping baby. Today, as can be seen in this shot, he's not always so willing to be a companion to a busy two year old, but exercises anyway as much patience as he possibly can.

Sunday, 15 June 2008


Perfect new life emerges from unusual places, like these tiny grasses sprouting from a mossy clump on a mid-town wall. Through all the fretting and fixing, conflict and complaining of women and men growth appears unbidden and unaided, extending forth with some silent will of its own.

Some may consider this emergence a blemish to be carefully scraped away, but I consider it beautiful.

Monday, 9 June 2008


A beautiful day at the family park in Laugardalur.

We've had a lot of lovely days lately, which always makes me happy because that means the tourists who've spent their hard earned money to get here won't be disappointed. Pride spills over, as if I'm a hostess displaying her glorious feast for welcomed guests. I still want to occasionally say Go ahead and wear your pretty clothes in town, everyone's doing it. Leave the brand new hiking boots for your day trip to the countryside. You'll enjoy your lunch more if you do. But if you've just spent a mini fortune on sensible footgear and an all-weather parka you'll want to go ahead and use them.

Notice, though, that even out in the back country you'll see Icelanders in darling little gilded ballet flats and $300 Adidas fashion trainers, yes talking on their cells (if there's reception) while tiptoeing their way out past the sulfur pits to watch Strokkur blow, and bemoaning the fate of their Dolce&Gabbana while slipping down misty steps to Gullfoss in their skinny jeans, as if they had no idea they'd get wet. Fashion does not stop at city limits, so while you're here try dolling up (men as well!) when you'd least think to to enjoy the full Icelandic experience.