Monday, 24 June 2013

The horror

A horrible way to die.
A horrible way to lose your parents.

Friday, 21 June 2013

A video on how hot dogs are made

Video link:

There were comments from some people that they will never eat hot dogs again. But, for me, after watching the video, I was amazed at the machinery used to make sausages!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bruised again

Four days ago I accidentally bumped my thigh onto the bed's headboard and lol behold, I ended up with this huge bruise which was very obvious in every photo I took at the park yesterday.

Bruise on Day 2:

Bruise on Day 4:

I seem to be bruising myself big time on a yearly basis!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Luxembourgish evening

My cousin was kind enough to organise a Luxembourgish evening for me by inviting  a few of her friends over and preparing a few Luxembourgish delicacies. I am thankful for her kindness and effort in prepping everything. It was a good experience to try Luxembourgish treats.

Food served included:
1) "Fierkelsjelli" (pork in aspic/salty jelly) Salted jelly with cold pork on bread - I must say I am not a fan of cold meat and salted jelly was salty! At first I thought the salted jelly was coagulated fat.

2) "Rieslingspaschtéit mat Saumon" (pastry with salmon in Luxembourgish white wine)

"Rieslingspaschtéit mat Fleescsh" (pastry with meat in Luxembourgish white wine)meat pie and salmon pie with salted jelly

3) "rei Ham mat enger Cornichong" (smoked ham with pickled gherkin)

4) "Kachkéis"(soft cheese)  Luxembourgish cheese - it was an acquired taste which I couldnt swallow. It left a smelly smell like cow smell in my mouth.

5) "Iertsebulli mat Mettwurscht a Kiischtercher" (soup of peas with a Luxembourgish kind of sausage and marinated & fried pieces of bread) - it was a mixture of peas, celery, lorre and topped with sausages and fried bread, like croutons. That soup was good and warm.

6) "Feiersténgszalot" (cold meat salad with pieces of carrots and beans)

It was a good effort from my cousin to prepare all these food.

"Bananenbowle" For drinks, she soaked sliced banana with grape juice and then poured champagne into the bowl later. Taste like champagne!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Day trip: Trier and Luxembourg

It was the first day in Luxembourg where I could be jacketless because the temperatures outside pretty decent.

It was my second trip to Trier so this time round it was not about touring the place but to pick up my friends. It was burning hot with the clear skies and sun shining that one of my friend already had 9 scoops of gelato ice cream by 3pm.

Trier is filled with shops and nice architectures. Most shops were closed on Sunday though.

Trier's cathedral was massive and beautiful inside. It was also free entry making it a more worthwhile visit than other cathedrals in UK i have been to which charges a fee for entry and photography.

The next stop was Luxembourg City. Again, I have gone through the tunnels and toured the city previously when I was in Luxembourg in Easter 2012. This trip was mainly to show my friends around with the short amount of time they had.

One new thing I learnt during this trip was that some buildings in the city had the year of when the building was built made of metal hung on the walls of their building.
The day ended with barbeque at my aunt's place and a walk around the neigbourhood. 
Met some slugs on the pathway while walking. My friends and I were walking with our eyes on the path as to not step on any of those slugs.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Leonidas Belgian Chocolate

Amazing much!

Grany Brut cookies

The best chocolate chunks with almond cookies I have tried. Its probably the last cookie I will eat for the rest of the year. Too 'good' for my expanding waistline.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Ship not sailing

My uncle drove us 1 hour to this place in Luxembourg to take a ship to see the scenary of Lux. Unfortunately, due to rain, we were probaby the only three potential customers. So, the ship does not sail with only three passengers! Headed home instead.....
There was a bike race going on. My first watch of a bicycle race. Its funny because we stand at the side waiting for a good 20minutes for the cyclists to pass by. In the end when they passed by it was really fast and they were out of sight in a minute. Now thats why watchin sports on tv is better ;)

Thursday, 13 June 2013

City girl in Luxembourg

Coming from a city to live in a house surrounded by farmland is fascinating.

I sit in this room overlooking a red house with farmland. At certain times of the day I see cows and horses on the field.

A cow can run! Hah!!

My attempt to go for jogs has failed because the weather isn't being nice.

I do need to desperately exercise because theres too much good food in this house! Just for breakfast today I had:
1. Crossaint with Dairy Lee cheese and cereal yoghurt

2. Cheesecake with pecan ice cream

And not long later I had porridge with bak  kua and pork floss for lunch.

Gotta walk a lot when im back in Glasgow.